How To Setup Your Affiliate Program...

Setup Your Affiliate Program

Have you a product or service and you want to make more money by letting other people advertise it for you?

How can we help you?

We will setup your affiliate program for you

  • Help you create a page for your product or service.
  • Help you to connect up your own payment system/shopping cart.
  • Hook the products and services up to your payment systems.
  • Create an easy one-click affiliate join button which is quick and easy to use to get more affiliate sign-ups.
  • Your affiliates all will have easy access to their affiliate link in their own back office
  • We will help you set up manual or automated payments to pay your affiliates automatically.
  • We will upload ready-made messages, email templates and, social media posts for your affiliates to use to market your business
  • We will create ready-made made banners with affiliate links built in so your affiliates can copy and paste a bit of code on their website and you can both make money.
  • All the software we use is created by top online marketers for marketing your business online
Yes Please Setup My Affiliate Program For Me

100% Secure.

What will I need to get started

  • An idea for a product or service that you want to sell online.
  • An idea of where or how you would like to promote your product or service, if you do not know we can help you.
  • An existing product or service that you want others to promote for you.
  • A Shopping cart that runs your affiliate program Option 1 one Off $695 Payment for a lifetime licence. Option 2 $197 per month monthly payment for shopping cart software.
  • I have been to seminars where top marketers charge $30,000 and crazy ongoing fees to set up and run affiliate programs this is worth a minimum of £1997 pounds to get set up. But today I will set up your program for only £997
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Christopher Howard

I couldn't recommend Sotiris any higher he helped us navigate every aspect of our referral program and get it setup in 3 days

- Chris Howard.